Tamar with her poster on filial responsibility in young children

Izabela with her poster on narrative associations between

mother and child representations.

Jacqueline, Amber and Izabela in the snow outside of the convention

center where SRCD was held in Montreal.

Jacqueline with her poster on psychosocial distress in former foster

youth, using internal locus of control as an explanatory factor.

Sara with her poster on the differential salience of coping

mechanisms in variable risk contexts.

Ana with her poster on mother’s ethnic identity and child’s

racial preference in early childhood.

Sara with her poster on maladaptive cognitive processes in preschool

children and the influence of maternal psychopathology.

Izabela with her poster on narrative content and representation in

preschool children of mothers who were maltreated in childhood.

Chelsie (a former lab member), Amber, Ana and Jacqueline

posing in front of the “beach” in Old Montreal.

Amber, Sara, Izabela, Ana, Jacqueline and Chelsie just hanging out in

the hotel (believe it or not we all fit in one room!)

Ryan Dalusag’s poster at SRCD.