The AD Lab is often looking for motivated undergraduate students to assist with the mission and research of the lab. Undergraduate Research Assistants (UGRAs) are critically important to the success of the lab and its projects. UGRAs may become involved in all aspects of research, including participant recruitment, the design and delivery of assessment protocols, data entry and analysis, and, in some cases, data presentation through conferences or papers.

At present, we do not have any paid UGRA positions available. However, UGRAs may earn up to 4 credits per quarter for their research activities. In addition, UGRAs may continue in the lab to work on an honors project during their senior year. It is recommended that students with an interest in honors-level research begin work in the lab during their sophomore or junior years.

A research assistantship affords students a real world research and mentoring experience that can inform your career decisions, and facilitate your entry into graduate school if desired. Students with interests in developmental or clinical pscyhology, social work, medicine and other fields will gain important knowledge for their future careers as a UGRA in the AD Lab.

Students interested in joining the AD Lab must complete the AD Lab undergraduate application.