Tuppett M. Yates, PhD

Department of Psychology
3111H Psychology Building
Riverside, CA 92521
Office: 951-827-4991

Welcome to the AD Lab!

I am very excited about the new and ongoing research activities in the AD Lab, which mirror my training by integrating aspects of both clinical and developmental psychology. My undergraduate training was in experimental psychology and neuroscience at Brown University. After a few years working in clinical and research settings with trauma survivors, I decided to pursue my graduate training in psychology. In 2005, I completed a joint doctoral degree in developmental psychopathology and clinical science at the Institute of Child Development of the University of Minnesota. In addition to my research with at-risk children and families (see publications), I have spent several years in clinical practice with children, adults, and families. I completed my clinical internship at the Cambridge Hospital of Harvard Medical School and a clinical, postdoctoral fellowship at the Stone Center of Wellesley College before joining the faculty in the Department of Psychology at UCR.

As both a clinician and a developmentalist, I have a deep appreciation for the common processes that underlie both positive and problematic adaptation. My research focuses on the identification and exploration of these mechanisms so that we can better understand how children negotiate adversity. Ultimately, this understanding will enable us to protect and enhance the resources and strengths in individuals, families, and communities that enable them to succeed in the face of life’s many challenges.