Instead of a lab BBQ this year, Tuppett & Katja held a cookie decorating party at their place. Check out that spread!

Busy at work…

A sample of our creativity and skill, with Chris K’s Batman ensemble at the top,

and Tuppett’s masterpiece at the bottom,

followed by a wide array of subjects, including Sabrina’s dog Phil.

Only a few people could receive awards, and the competition was fierce. Here’s our 4th place runner up with “evolution”

and the 3rd place winner, recipient of a Starbucks gift card

and the 2nd place winner (it’s too bad the picture isn’t better, Rosemary’s cookies had exquisite detail), who was rewarded with a Target gift card

followed by the 1st place winner, recipient of gingerbread cookie mix and an Amazon gift card.

Kristina received the Bloodhound award for her dogged persistence in calling and completing AAO informant interviews – congratulations!

We all had fun socializing and indulging in sweet treats, even little Matilda was worn out by the end of the night, probably dreaming about ideas for next year’s cookie party!