Hello! My name is Alexa Lino and I’m a third-year Psychology major. I’m particularly interested in Developmental Psychology and seeing how individuals change over the course of their lives. I joined this lab because I want to gain a deeper understanding of how dealing with hardships and facing adversity shape a child’s character. In addition, I’m  hoping to gain valuable research skills that I can use in graduate school in the future.

Salutations! My name is Alfredo J. Bolaños and I am currently a graduating fourth year Psychology major & TRIO Scholar at UC Riverside. I joined the lab in the Winter of 2017 as I have a great interest in Developmental Psychopathology. In addition, I would like to research more about how children, teens, and young adults adapt to adversities that occur in life and finding successful behavioral interventions to help teach & develop healthy coping mechanisms. After I graduate, my goal is to definitely obtain a Master’s degree and possibly a PhD in Clinical Psychology or School Psychology. I hope to one day contribute more LGBTQIA+ topics into Psychology research as it has historically been underrepresented.

Hi, my name is Amy Villanueva. I am a second year Psychology major. This is my first year in the Ad lab. I joined this lab because I am interested in child development and I want to gain more experience in a research lab. My future plans are to go to graduate school and obtain my Master degree in Clinical Psychology.

Hi, my name is Aztli Ramirez. I am a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and this will be my first year in the lab. I enjoy working with children and am very interested in looking at how the many factors that children face can influence their development. I have a personal connection to this topic and I think this type of research is very important and helpful. I am very excited to learn new things and I hope that by being a part of this lab I can further narrow what my particular interests are in the field of psychology and what direction I may want to go in later on.

Hi everyone! My name is Betty Bang (yes that is my real last name). I am a fourth year psychology student and I joined the Ad Lab in Spring 2017. I’m most interested in brain behaviors, cognitive disorders, and consumer psychology. Therefore, I have plans to go to grad school to eventually become a clinical therapist, or if I take a different route, become and industrial-organizational psychologist.


Hi! My name’s Brenda Meza and I’m currently a 3rd year psychology student at UCR. After I graduate, I plan to go to graduate school. I joined the Ad lab in order to understand child development on a deeper level. I’m excited to learn while also gaining hands on experience by working in a lab. I’m not sure what I want to do in the long run but I’m hoping that this experience will guide me to it.


Hello! I’m Christian Garcia and I recently graduated from UCR with a Bachelors in psychology. I joined the lab in order to get some exposure to the clinical side of psychology research. I’m interested in pursuing a masters in social work and I am looking forward to helping this lab in any way possible.

Hello! My name is Cecilia Uribe and I recently graduate from the University of California, Riverside with a B.A. in Psychology. I joined this lab in the Fall of 2016 and am currently working on the CHIRRP Study Parent Child Interaction Coding project. Broadly, I am interested in the relationship between parenting practices and children’s social and emotional outcomes (i.e. the association between parents’ socialization of emotion and children’s social functioning) as well as the impact of interparental violence exposure on children’s social and emotional adjustment and resilient coping. My ultimate goal is to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology to engage in both research and practice to better understand what factors promote resiliency in children exposure to family violence.


Hello, my name is Daniel Garcia Rodriguez and I am currently a second year psychology student at UC Riverside. I joined the AD Lab in order to to gain invaluable experience and knowledge on child development. After I graduate, I have plans on obtaining a Master’s degree in counseling in order for me to be able to reach my career goal of being a high school counselor.

Hello, my name is Deja Goodwin and I am a third year sociology major. I joined the Ad Lab because of my interest in the foster system and its impact on children. After graduating from UCR, my goal is to earn my PhD in sociology. I plan to do research on race relation and teach at a university.

Hello! My name is Derrian Tabilin and I’m currently a second-year psychology major. I joined AdLab during the Spring quarter of 2017 because I was interested in how adolescents react to different adversities. After I graduate from UCR, I plan to continue my education in psychology at a graduate school, and ultimately focus on psychopathology research.

My name is Emily Moorhouse, and I graduated from UC Riverside with a BA in Psychology in Spring 2017. I joined the Ad Lab in Spring 2015, and I’ve managed the lab since Fall 2016. I plan to attend graduate school after some time to continue working ad pursuing my research interests.

Hello, my name is Eva Arenas. I am a third-year undergraduate student studying psychology. I just started Ad Lab this quarter. I joined the lab to gain research experience in my field and develop new skills. I am delighted to be working with children! My future goals are to attend graduate school and study child development.

Hi! My name is Ida Moumneh and I am a fourth year Psychology major. I joined the Ad lab primarily because I am interested in child development and I would like to gain more experience in this field. My goal is to get a Masters of Social Work and pursue a career in child therapy, especially for children who have experienced trauma.

Hi! My name is Jailene Mazariegos and I’m a third year Neuroscience major here at UCR. I joined AD Lab Winter 2016 with the hopes of learning the development of children and how the environment can affect their mental growth. In the future I would like to work with children that have terminal illnesses.

Hello, my name is Jose Garcia. I am a fourth year Psychology major interested in becoming an occupational therapist focused on treating kids. I joined the lab due to my interest in working with teenagers and children. Being my first year in the lab, I believe I will gain valuable experience that I can apply to my career as an OT.

I’m Joyce Truong, a 4th year Psychology and Law major hoping to make myself useful in the social work field working as clinical counselor. I’m particularly interested in the various causes and outcomes of psychopathology and interventions on maintaining and improving mental health.

Hello! My name is Juanita Washington at I am a 2nd-year psychology major here at UCR. I joined the AD Lab to gain lab experience and because I’m interested in how adversity affects child development. My current plans are to apply to grad school for School Psychology and go on to work in the education system.

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Spillane and I’m a fourth year Psychology major. I joined the AdLab in Winter 2016 because of my interests in children and how adversity has an affect on them. After I graduate from UCR, I plan on attending graduate school with the goal of earning a Psy.D in Clinical psychology with a focus on children and adolescents.

Hello, my name is Karishma Patel. I am a second-year psychology major. I joined AdLab because I want to work with at-risk children,  making AdLab the best fit for me!  After graduating from UC Riverside, I plan to go to graduate school and earn a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology.

Previet (hello in Russian)! My name is Karlygush Smith but also go by Karly. I am a third year transfer student majoring in Psychology. I joined the lab in Spring 2018 and am interested in research regarding childhood adversity such as trauma and abandonment with its implications on development. My own personal experience as an adopted child from Kazakhstan, drives me to further research on childhood trauma and attachment relationships . The picture above is actually my adoption photo take within the orphanage. I plan on completing my PhD in Clinical Psychology. I hope to contribute to the research on adopted and foster youth with an emphasis on childhood trauma and resiliency.

Hi! My name is Kimberly Contreras and I am a Anthropology major expecting to graduate Fall 2016.  After graduating, I plan to continue being involved in the AD Lab and get more research experience. My future goals are to attend Medical school, and possibly obtain a dual degree that takes a humanistic approach to medicine.

Hi, my name is Kristal Munguia and I am a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I joined the Ad Lab because the lab incorporates two major topics I’m interested in: children and clinical work. My ultimate goal is to get a Masters in Social Work in which I could then put to good use in helping the youth by better understanding their development and being as supportive as can be.

Hi! My name is Mariana Romo. I am a third year psychology major at UC Riverside. I joined the lab because I have a great interest in child development, especially in children who have been through a variety of life adversities. I hope to learn different types of coping mechanisms that will help the children cope and succeed. After graduating with a BA, I plan to attend graduate school and obtain a masters and a PhD in Clinical Psychology and/or Child Development.

Hi everyone! My name is Marisha Gonzalez Subia and I am a 4th year psychology/law & society major with a minor in Spanish here at UCR. I have always been interested in working with children all of my life and I felt that the Ad Lab was a perfect fit for me. I’m excited to be able to gain research experience through the lab that I can apply in the future. After graduating UCR my plan is to get my Master’s in Social Work. My end career goal is to work within the foster care system either as a social worker or a psychologist.

Hi, I’m Michelle Tu. I am a third-year psychology major student. I joined the Ad Lab in the winter of 2017 because I am especially interested in family relations such as child-parent relationship and that of between the partners. In order to practice psychology as a marriage and family therapist, I’d like to know what it’s like to work with parents and children. As an Asian immigrant, I hope to provide professional help for Asian minority in the future.

My name is Mohamad  Alami, I am a 3rd year undergraduate student. i am majoring in psychology and I plan on pursuing a career in medicine. This will be my first year in the lab and I am excited to further my understanding of how certain obstacles can have an affect on children and their development.

Hi, my name is Monica De Dios and I am a fourth year psychology major here at UC Riverside. I joined the adaptation lab in the winter of 2017 in pursuit of how children develop through the life span. I plan on receiving my Master degree in Clinical Psychology and work with patients in a Psychiatric Hospital.

My name is Nancy Aguilar. I am a fourth year psychology major at UCR. I plan to pursue a career in health psychology. I would love to open a non profit organization that provides mental and physical health resources for low income families.

Hi all! My name is Ryan Pham and I am a first year majoring in Public Policy! I aspire to practice medicine as an emergency physician and sincerely hope that my experience in the AD Lab will give me a new insight into the at-risk population.

Hi my name is Sally Li, I’m a fourth year psychology major. I came into this lab spring of 2016. I plan to go to graduates school after and hoping to get a job that involves working with children. The main reason why I joined this lab is because I am interested in the developmental psychology and since this lab focuses on developmental psychology, I decided to apply for the lab and here I am!

My name is Samia Alam. I have been working under this adlab research since Spring 2016. I majored in Psychology and minored in Education. I joined this lab because I’m interested in working with children and learning more about child development. It amazes me that children can be affected by different kinds of struggles at such a young age. I plan to work with children in the future, so this lab is a perfect fit for me.

Hey everybody! My name is Sandra Rosales, but I normally go by Sandi!I’m a second-year psychology student, and I joined the lab in the winter of 2018. I’m really excited to be a part of this lab because psychological research has always been a huge interest of mine, especially when it comes to groups of people who are often disadvantage or underprivileged. I’m working towards my bachelors , and eventually my PhD. My goal’s to get a job at a research university, where I can both lecture and teach future psychology students, as well as conduct research in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of those who had to overcome certain obstacles in their life. how they chose to move forward, and why they chose what they did. I realize my research interests are currently quite broad and somewhat vague, but through this lab, I hope to get closer to knowing what I want to research!

Hello, my name is Stephanie Mateo, I am a third year psychology major with a minor in education. I joined the lab to get a deeper understanding of children facing adverse situations and how they are affected. After my undergrad career, I want to attend graduate school to get my master’s in occupational therapy. My goal is to ultimately work with disabled children to help them cope with their mental and physical troubles.

Hi, my name is Tahnia Alam. I am currently a third year Social Administrative Studies major. I recently joined this lab, starting this fall, because I am interested in child development and how sociological aspects can affect the lives of children. Although I don’t have definite plans on what I want to do leading up to my graduation or after, I hope this lab can help me and maybe even guide me in finding, paving the path I’m meant to take in the future.

Hello! My name is Viviana Pereyra, I am currently a 3rd year at UCR majoring in Psychology. I joined the lab in the Fall of 2016 and I am very excited to be helping out as a research assistant of CHiRRP. My plans for the future involve going to grad school and either working with children in the clinical field or going into the forensic side of psychology.

Hi, my name is Yujing Du and I’m a first year psychology major considering a double major in statistics. I joined Ad Lab in Winter 2018 to gain research experience. I believe Ad Lab’s a good fit for me because I’m interested in child development, especially how parenting affects children. I prefer to pursue a PhD degree after graduating although I’m currently not sure which field I will choose.